Visitors can find taxi stands at most major Honolulu shopping centers, in the business district and at the airport. Note that rather than hailing a cab, finding taxi stands at major shopping centers and businesses, as well as calling for pick-ups via hotel concierge or phone is the norm in Hawaii.  

Starting fare is $3.10, and $.45 cents for each additional 1/8 of a mile ($.45 cents is also charged for each 45 second of waiting time in traffic).

Here is a list of taxi companies that operate in Honolulu:

A8 Honolulu Airport Taxi:  (808) 398-3623

Charley’s Taxi:   (808) 233-3333

EcoCab Hawaii:   (808) 979-1010

Honolulu Taxi Service:  (808) 699-9999

Star Taxi Hawaii:  (808) 942-7827

TheCab Hawaii:  (808) 422-2222